Taking photos without asking

As I once decided to document everyday life in extension I need to do it a reliably way. The problem is that those who create a landscape of ordinary life knowing that they will be depicted may want to change something in a situation which I want to catch. I have an impression that people don’t trust photographers. Surely there are many reasons why someone doesn’t want to be photographed. One thinks he is not photogenic and another one just doesn’t want to pose. As an photographer I have my own idea why and in what way I take photos. If I tried to explain my intentions to those who I photograph I would lose a moment and situation that I wanted to photograph. That’s why very often I just shot without asking. Moreover, knowing that people try to avoid to be photographed I take photos in a hidden way. I just do it because I feel that making a document is more important that simple object’s shame or timidity.

candid portrait photography in lodz poland
Łódź, January 2012.

Technical info: Rollei 35 camera with Tessar 3,5/40 lens; Kodak T-max 400 film; nominal sensitivity 400 ASA exposed as 1600 ASA; processing: 5 min presoaking, developing in Kodak D-76 at 21°C/69,8°F (9th and 10th films in a 950 ml stock), agitating: 30 sec. at the beginning and 10 sec. every minute for 21 min.


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