street portrait photo
Łódź, November 2012.

Technical info: Rollei 35 T camera with Tessar 3,5/40 lens; Ilford P4 400 Surveillance film; nominal sensitivity 400 ASA exposed as 1600 ASA; processing: 3 min presoaking, developing two films in Kodak HC-110 developer at 21°C/69,80°F (dilution B: 1:31 which is 25 ml of developer and 775 ml of water), agitating: 30 sec. at the beginning and 10 sec. every minute for 10 min.


One comment

  1. Alan Cole

    I was trolling for some work that people have done on P4 (just bought a big roll) and came across your site. First, thanks for taking time to post so muck work and technical detail. Second, you have a great street photographer’s eye.

    This one of the lady with brief case is absolutely intriguing to me. Man, it’s like a mini mystery novel waiting to happen. It’s apparently taken through a train window (faint reflections) by either by you or a secret agent trailing her, of her either waiting to catch another train, checking for a tail, looking for a fellow operative, or just trying to get home after another day at the office. I try to make photos that tell a story. This one goes further than that by making the viewer invent the story.

    The one of the two people standing beside the highway with cars whizzing past is another very nice one in my book. I admire your eye and your images. Are they scans of negatives or of wet prints?

    All the best.


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